Sellers / Buyers Guide

Seller Guide

Ensure your boat is listed at the right price – Make sure to research your boat's Value on BUC Value & NADA GUIDE.

It's important to take quality photos of the boat. We all know that a picture speaks a thousand words & it's important for buyers to see your boat looking best on the online portal.

Upload at least 10 pictures or more of your boat, make sure the photos of your boat are clear – the more photos & detailed information such as year, make, model, engine hours, etc. It will increase the number of interested buyers in your listing.

More Better-quality photos will attract more potential buyers.

Remember to give your boat a clean wash before taking photos to ensure it’s looking very best when displayed on the website. It is always best to take photos on a sunny day with natural light because it works best for photos.

Buyer Guide

Things You Should Consider When You Start Your Boat Search

  • Decide on your budget – Year – Make & Model / Type of Boat
  • Research the boat & read reviews about make & model
  • Will the boat be used in the sea or fresh-water lake ?
  • Ask about engine hours.
  • Ask if the Trailer is Included in Sale.